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Founded in 1997, Leading Edge Worldwide Limited (‘Leading Edge’) was first established as an automotive component distributor, bringing in modified auto parts to Hong Kong and China from all over the world. We have stood at the forefront of the automotive industry with our unique market proposition for over 20 years, offering an expanded and diversified range of services, from auto beauty to auto repair.




KeePer PROSHOP - Japanese auto beauty chain

KeePer Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd (6036.JP)’s KeePer PROSHOP technology was first introduced from Japan to the Hong Kong market in 2008. The introduction of Hong Kong’s first-ever KeePer Coating service has debunked stereotypes of the auto detailing industry, offering a novel concept to long-standing, traditional beliefs that “auto detailing only consists of car washing and waxing”. Today, KeePer has over 6,300 outlets in Japan and 10 directly operated outlets in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, following the establishment of 13 training centres in Japan, the first-ever overseas training centre was also established to nurture new blood in the industry, breeding an innovative Japanese car washing trend.


Grand Tycoon - Auto metalworking technology

Founded in 2017, Grand Tycoon teamed up with Japan's SuperGT champion driver Naoki Yokomizo and Taiwan's contemporary ink painter Rola Chang JungShan, to integrate "technology" and "art" into its exquisite metalworking service. With a ground-breaking concept of merging technique and art, the first-of-its-kind Japanese metalworking technology was brought to Hong Kong from Japan. Headed by Japanese metalworking master Jun Okada, the cutting edge “small-damage-small-repair” concept is advocated for its exquisite auto repair services. Hong Kong’s first-ever "one-palm-quote" charging standard was brought to the market, i.e., using one palm (about 20cm) as a unit of measurement when estimating auto repair service charges. This highly transparent quotation system has changed the long-established traditions of non-uniform pricing for the entire industry. Offerings also include the "Aura Resurge" technology which enables paint to dry rapidly, and advanced computerized auto body colour scanning. Our revolutionary services have subverted repair service traditions and started a brand new chapter for the metalworking industry in Hong Kong.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Leading Edge is built upon the pillars of responsible corporate governance to ensure long-term success of our business. We have an ongoing commitment to helping and supporting the communities we operate in. We are also committed to providing quality services to the public and are keen to contribute to the community by participating in social services, charitable activities and educational projects. 


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